Stripe Payments Cloud Functions

The Stripe Payments Master Course will provide a solid foundation for building complex payment systems with the world’s leading payment API.

This course has been deprecated! While the code here will still work, the it is recommended that you use the latest Stripe APIs shown in the new Fullstack Stripe JS Course 💸


  • NEW Handle 3D Secure 2 Payments
  • Connect Firebase Users to Stripe
  • Attach Payment Sources to Customers
  • Create Single Charges
  • Manage Recurring Subscriptions
  • Apply Coupons
  • Unit Tests with Jest
  • And more…

This Project is for Developers who…

  • want to generate revenue by implementing a custom payment flow.
  • want to learn how implement a modern cloud microservice architecture.
  • enjoy fast-paced to-the-point video tutorials.
  • want direct access to the content creator (let’s chat on Slack).
  • have some experience with NodeJS, TypeScript, and Angular.
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