Attach a Source Attach a payment source to the customer record

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file_type_typescript sources.ts
import * as functions from 'firebase-functions';
import { assert, assertUID, catchErrors } from './helpers';
import { stripe } from './config'; 
import { getOrCreateCustomer } from './customers';

Attaches a payment source to a stripe customer account.
export const attachSource = async(uid: string, source: string) => {

    const customer = await getOrCreateCustomer(uid);

    const existingSource = => === source).pop(); 

    if (existingSource) {
        return existingSource;
    else {
        await stripe.customers.createSource(, { source: source });
        // update default
        return await stripe.customers.update(, { default_source: source });


export const stripeAttachSource = functions.https.onCall( async (data, context) => {
    const uid = assertUID(context);
    const source = assert(data, 'source');

    return catchErrors(attachSource(uid, source));


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