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Firebase Phone Authentication

Use the Firebase to implement Phone authentication on the web.

#angular #firebase #auth

Facebook-Inspired Reactions From Scratch

Build a Facebook-inspired reaction component to allow users to like or react to your content.

#angular #firebase

Angular Toast Message Notifications From Scratch

Send toast notifications to users with Angular and Firebase.

#angular #firebase

Twitter Inspired Follow System with Firebase

Create a twitter-inspired follow unfollow system with Angular and Firebase

#angular #firebase

Custom Usernames With Firebase Authentication and Angular

Give Firebase users custom usernames after and validate them asynchronously

#angular #firebase

Reddit Style Upvoting in Angular 4 and Firebase

Create a Reddit-Style Voting System from Scratch with Angular and Firebase

#firebase #angular

Sharing Data between Angular Components - Four Methods

Four different methods for sharing data between Angular components.


Reactive Crud App With Angular and Firebase Tutorial

Build a CRUD app that manages a basic list of items - create, read, update, delete.

#firebase #angular