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Testimonials for code tutorials
David East
The most concise and frequent YouTube channel for Firebase and general Web development videos. Subscribe if you haven't, you won't be disappointed 🔥
Adam Wathan
Wow, what an awesome @tailwindcss intro video by @fireship_dev 🤩

Covers way more than I ever imagined you could cover in 100 seconds 🤯
I know you probably have a list, but if you had to pick just one favourite coding related YouTube channel, what would it be?


I pick brilliant @fireship_dev
Samantha Ming
@fireship_dev is a beast! His 100 seconds series is 🔥
If I am a developer today, it's because of @Jeffdelaney23's tutorial videos on his channel @fireship_dev. Found him in 2017 for Angular+Firebase. When I moved to #Flutter, he still was there. #ML and I'm still watching his videos. Thanks a lot Jeff!
Jonathan Marbutt
Over the years I have always used so many OSS but never been able to jump into communities (not for trying) or never felt as welcomed as I have in communities of @nhostio @HasuraHQ @remix_run @fireship_dev. They all should be very proud of what they have built.

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Fulltext Search with Redis and Next.js

Build an app capable of fulltext search using Redis and Next.js

#redis #nextjs #react

Fulltext Search with Redis and Next.js

Build an app capable of fulltext search using Redis and Next.js

#redis #nextjs #react

Using Riverpod with Firebase in Flutter

Use Riverpod to manage Firebase auth state and relational realtime data in Firestore

#pro #flutter #firebase

Cryptography Concepts for Node.js Developers

Learn 7 essential cryptography concepts in and implement them with Node.js crypto.

#node #javascript #crypto

API Monetization with Stripe Metered Billing

Build an API with Express.js and Monetize it with Stripe Metered Billing

#stripe #node #javascript

Tailwind Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for learning Tailwind CSS

#css #tailwind #react

React Native Firebase Chat Demo

Build a mobile chat app with React Native, Firebase and Firestore

#pro #react #react-native #firebase

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