the wonderful humans who make this website possible


Sabz is a self-taught developer && designer. He is interested in web, desktop development.

Alex Guja

Alex is a full-stack developer based in Europe. He is interested in web development, mobile apps, data engineering, and cloud technologies. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writes music, and likes to meet new people.

Kyle Leary

Kyle aka “Klutch” or “KlutchDev” is a battle-hardened fullstack JavaScript/React && Firebase developer from western Massachusetts. Klutch is currently learning Rust, TypeScript, and preparing for the OSWE exam. When not writing code he is relaxing at home with his long time sweetheart Chelsea and cats Murph/Zelda or shredding guitar.

Jeff Delaney

Jeff Delaney is a Google Developer Expert and the creator of When not writing code, he is out seeking adventure with his wife and 3 boys.

David Bautista

David Bautista is a Software Engineer from Mexico.

Johan Walhout

Johan is a software engineer developing apps and webapplications in Angular 2+, VueJS, Nodejs and Dart/Flutter. When he is not working on new projects, he enjoy to have adventures with his wife, four boys and a dog.

Lenny Cunningham

Lenny is a self taught hobbiest for WebApp Development. Owns Acadiana Apps. A small company specializing in custom web app development, and Google Apps Script integrations.

Darshan Gowda

Darshan is a freelancer from Bangalore, India. He loves to code, teach and play basketball.

Arjun Yelamanchili

Arjun is a full-stack developer and future blockchain billionaire based in Denver, CO

Dominik Šimoník

Dominik Šimoník is software engineer developing apps in Angular, Java, Dart, Nodejs and Ruby. He is GDG Organizer and lector for women at community Czechitas in the Czech republic. When he is not at the computer he does some sort of geek things like drone races etc.

Patrick Mullot

Patrick is a part-time full-stack developer, with (too) many years of experience as a Project Developer and programmer. He now specializes in the Firebase ecosystem. When not in his tech-cave, he enjoys traveling and have long walks with his family and their 4 legged friends

Radi Cho

Radi is a student, developing futuristic projects, websites and Android apps as a hobby. He also plays with ML, IoT, Cloud services and anything else that looks like the next big thing.

Zack DeRose

Zack is a GDE for Google, as well as an Engineer and Engineering Manager for Nx, and an avid fan of Supabase.

Zack always bets on Javascript (and Typescript), but he also enjoys Postgres, making videos, and has been dabbling recently in shit-posting on Twitter.

Finn Krestel

Finn Krestel is a Java, JavaScript, CSS and HTML developer. He mainly uses React or Preact for interactive web applications. Next.js is his favorite SSR framework.

Jarrett Helton

Jarrett is a code enthusiast from the Central Michigan area. He is a jack-of-all-trades engineer with experiences in just about everything you can shake a stick at. When not slangin’ code for federal health care contracts, he finds enjoyment with side projects through different LLCs and is always open for more consultations. On the occasion he is not coding or sleeping, you can find him chilling with his wife and daughter.

Jeroen Ouwehand

Jeroen is a full-stack developer from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and is currently working for a bank. Sometimes writes posts on Medium or contribute on Github.

Jorge Dacosta

Jorge Dacosta is Co-Founder of Splash Ink (🇦🇴 🇿🇦), Graphic Designer and Open Source (OSS) enthusiast who loves share his knowledge.

Marc Stammerjohann

Marc Stammerjohann is a freelance full-stack software engineer developing apps with Ionic, Angular, Typescript, Java and Kotlin. He is interested in Web Components, nest and Prisma lately. In his free time he enjoys inline skating, traveling, diving and reading books.

Shawn Eubanks

devEUBE = technology geek and expert problem solver. I love to learn anything new, and I am especially interested and passionate about emerging technologies in cloud computing and web development. I am driven and passionate about sharing skills and knowledge with others and helping others succeed using new and innovative technologies.

Passionate Hobbies: Learning New Media, Gaming and Design / Development of media and web presences.

Wei Lun

Wei Lun is a bachelor’s degree student in Software Engineering based in Malaysia. He actively learning trendy technologies, mainly in web, mobile, cloud technologies and solution architect.