Ionic 4 Firebase Master Course

The Ionic4 Master Course will teach you the fundamentals of full-stack cross-platform app development, using the combined powers of Angular & Firebase.

🗿 What will I build?

This is a project-based course that starts from zero and works up to an authenticated realtime todo list with push notifications. While that may not sound super exciting, it provides an ideal foundation to showcase the UI features offered by Ionic and connent them to live cloud infrastructure.

🐌 What will I Learn?

  • Installation and Setup
  • Ionic4 Component APIs
  • Routing and Navigation
  • Reactive Forms
  • CSS Themes
  • Platform Checking
  • Push Notifications
  • Cloud Function integration with NodeJS
  • Firebase Auth, Firestore, and Cloud Messaging
  • How to release Ionic to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store
  • And more…

🤔 Is this Course Right for Me?

This course is an intermediate level project-based course where you learn by doing. It assumes you have at least basic knowledge of programming, ideally with web tech like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It is fast-paced and similar to my style on YouTube, but far more in-depth and comprehensive.

🏎️ Test Drive

A live version of the app is currently available as a Progressive Web App.

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