How to Pass Data to Modals in Ionic

The snippet below shows you how to use componentProps to pass data into an Ionic 4 modal. This technique is useful when updating dynamic data.

Pass Data into Ionic4 Modals

In previous versions of Ionic, the NavParams class was used to read the passed data. This is no longer necessary and should not be used, although it does still work technically. In version 4, sharing data with a modal is easier than ever…

Parent Component

The parent component will present the modal and pass data into it.

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { ModalController } from '@ionic/angular';
import { ModalPage } from '../modal/';

export class SomeParentComponent {
  constructor(public modalController: ModalController) {}

  async presentModal() {
    const modal = await this.modalController.create({
      component: ModalPage,
      componentProps: { 
        foo: 'hello',
        bar: 'world'
    return await modal.present();

The child component is the actual modal window and it will consume the data passed to it. So how to use use the data passed in from componentProps in the previous step? You just need to declare the property on your class and you’re good to go - just make sure it uses the same prop name on both sides of the equation.

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';

export class ModalPage implements OnInit {

  ngOnInit() {
    console.log(`${foo} ${bar}`)

// hello world

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