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Learn the fundamentals of React.js by building five apps from scratch.

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React - The Full Course is unlike any other React course on the Internet. It provides a fast-paced introduction to essential concepts, then puts them into practice by building multiple fun and challenging full-stack apps from scratch.

What will I learn?

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This course starts at the beginner level ๐ŸŸข and progresses to intermediate in the hands-on projects. It assumes you have some basic knowledge of web programming with familiarity of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It is fast-paced and similar to my style on YouTube, but far more in-depth and followed in a long linear format.

When was the course last updated?

Updated Feb 22nd, 2023 React v18.0

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While in preview, this course is only available to PRO Members.

๐Ÿšจ Work in Progress!

This course is a Work in Progress. It will be updated with new content until it is completed in Spring 2023.

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