Conditional Rendering How to render a component based on a boolean condition

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Conditional rendering is a very common pattern where you render a component based on a boolean condition. There are several ways to implement conditional rendering in React.

Option 1: If Else

function Conditional({ count }) {

  if (count > 5) {
    return <h1>Count is greater than 5</h1>;
  } else {
    return <h1>Count is less than 5</h1>;

Option 2: Ternary

{count % 2 === 0 ? <h1>Count is even</h1> : <h1>Count is odd</h1> }

Option 3: Logical And

{count && 2 === 0 ? <h1>Count is even</h1> }


Define a LoadingButton component. The button takes loading state, onClick, and label as props then renders the label or loader depending on the loading state.


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