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To start things off, I first want to talk about how to be successful in this course. You can find the full source code for the project on GitHub. I recommend cloning this remote to your local system and you’ll find instructions in the read me on how to run it. But to really get the most out of this course, I recommend starting a brand new Vue project from scratch and following along with the videos by writing every single line of code that I do or better yet modify and experiment with my code to make it do something unique for you now in the videos, you’ll see me working through the code and Bs code and if you’re doing the same Recommend installing the Vue extension for vs code.

It’ll give you syntax highlighting, formatting and so on and also when it comes to Vue there’s a browser extension that you want to have installed as well as a reference at throughout the course because it allows us to visualize the entire component tree as we start building our friend Angie y aside from that you want to make sure that you have no JS installed on your local machine all the using no 10 throughout the course. Am I sleep you’ll need to create a Firebase account and start a new project. This course can be done entirely on the So you shouldn’t have to worry about any cloud computing cost or anything like that.

And lastly, I just want to point out that I make an effort to keep the coat as simple as possible and that’s so I can teach you the core concepts without adding unnecessary complexity to the application there many ways.

You can improve this codebase to polish the UI and get a production-ready. Consider it a starting point and make an effort to implement your own features or improve some of the existing features in my opinion going off in building your own things. It’s the best way to learn software development now if you run into any problems, Please reach out to me on slack. You can send me a direct message post something in the Pro Channel or something in the Vue specific Channel. And if you want to go beyond the topics in this course, make sure to check out the Vue and Firebase tags here on fire show.

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