🧐 The Console

Go beyond console.log() like and debug like a pro

At this point in your JS career, you likely know what console.log does - but the Console API can do so much more! It can be an effective debugging tool, but it can also be nightmare when abused. Let’s take a look at some tricks that will keep your console output concise and beautiful. Open the console on your browser by running Ctrl + Shift + J to get started with this section.

First, inspect the methods on the console that go beyond log, by running:

console.log( console );

This article is focused on frontend browser JS, but the Node Console API is almost identical.

Console FAQ

How to show variable names when console logging?

It is easy for variable names to get jumbled-up when you have tons of output to the console. Wrap your variables in braces {} to make them an object, or brackets [] to make them an array, then use console.table to make them pretty.

💩console.log(bar, foo);

// Wait, which variable is named foo? 

😐 console.log({ foo, bar });

// Better, but it's kinda hard to read...

😍console.table({ foo, bar });

// Noice!
Output of console.table()

Output of console.table()

How to group console logs?

You might not care about every line outputted into the console. Remove the clutter by grouping logs into a collapsible section with group or groupCollapsed.




How to conditionally console log?

Sometimes you want to log ONLY when a condition is falsey - this is known as an assertion. It will keep your code concise by eliminating the need for if statements.

// verbose 💩
if (loggedIn) {
    console.error('user is logged in assertion failed');

// much better 😍 
console.assert(loggedIn, 'user is logged in');
Output of console.assert()

Output of console.assert()

How to increment a counter in the console?

Keeping a counter running in your source code means managing mutable state - you probably don’t want that extra complexity. Instead, use count to tell the browser to increment a counter for you.


console.countReset(); // reset to zero
Output of console.count()

Output of console.count()

How to set a timer with the console?

You can start a timer with the console by calling time, then call timeLog to measure the elapsed time. It provides a simple solution for measuring performance.


// do stuff

console.timeLog('did stuff');

// do more stuff

console.timeLog('did more stuff');


How to add custom CSS styles to the console output?

Use the special %c character to add some custom CSS flavor to the console. This is a surefire way to impress other developers, especially if you maintain an open source library.

console.log('%c YOUR_MESSAGE', 'YOUR_CSS')
Custom CSS styles in browser console

Custom CSS styles in browser console

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