📜 The History of JavaScript

ECMAScript's evolution over the last 25 years

JavaScript started as a prototype scripting language written by Brendan Eich in 1995 for the Netscape Navigator browser under the working name of “Mocha”. After being renamed to “JavaScript”, it was standardized by ECMA International as ECMA-262, or ECMAScript in 1997. The authoritative group of people/orgs in charge of the standard is known as TC-39.

Over the next 25 years, it would see a variety of highs and lows. The most notable releases include

  • ES1 1997.
  • ES2 1998.
  • ES3 1999. The longest standing version of early JS.
  • ES4 Never finalized.
  • ES5 2009. Added JSON, strict mode, functional array methods, and more.
  • ES6 2015. Added classes, promises, arrow functions, let/const, and much more.
  • ES7, ES8, ES9, ESNext. Modern updates now being released annually.

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