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How to implement an LRU cache in JavaScript

Which feature makes a JS Map suitable for an LRU cache?

The LRU cache is one of the most commoly asked algorithm questions on interviews.

LRU Interview Question

Create a data structure that implements the requirements of a Least Recently Used (LRU) cache with O(1) average time complexity.

  • Initialize an object with a maxium capacity of elements.
  • getItem Return the value of the key. Update cache with the most recently used key.
  • putItem Create or update a key value pair in the cache. Evict the least recently used key if the size of keys exceeds the max capacity.

LRU Implementation in JavaScript

export class LRU {
  constructor(capacity) {
    this.capacity = capacity;
    this.cache = new Map();

  getItem(key) {
    const item = this.cache.get(key);

    // Map keeps track of insertion order, this will refresh the item
    if (item) {
      this.cache.set(key, item);
    return item;

  putItem(key, val) {
    // delete to refresh the insertion order
    if (this.cache.has(key)) {
    // evict the oldest item in the cache
    else if (this.cache.size == this.capacity) {

    this.cache.set(key, val);

  get oldestItem() {
    return this.cache.keys().next().value;

const cache = new LRU(5);
cache.putItem('a', 1);

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