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Example SaaS architecture with Stripe

Example Stripe Architecture

Stripe SaaS Architecture

Here’s a summary of the key steps:

1. Product & Price Setup

  • Create a product in the Stripe dashboard representing your service.
  • Define prices for the product (e.g., $20/month).

2. Initiate Payment

  • User clicks “Buy Now” button on your website.
  • Your server generates a Stripe Checkout session with the relevant price ID.
  • User gets redirected to Stripe’s secure checkout page.

3. Payment & Fulfillment

  • User enters payment details on Stripe’s checkout page.
  • Upon successful payment, Stripe creates customer, payment, charge, and subscription records.
  • Stripe sends a webhook to your server with checkout session information.
  • Your server updates your database and sends a confirmation email to the user.

4. Subscription Management

  • User can cancel their subscription through a Stripe-hosted portal.
  • Stripe sends a webhook notifying your server about the cancellation.
  • Your server updates the user’s record in your database accordingly.

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