🤑 Payment Strategies

Business strategies for revenue growth

Pricing Strategies to Consider


Offer a basic version of your software for free, with premium features behind a paywall. Users can try before they buy, but be wary of ‘scammy’ tactics that hide essential features until the last minute.

Free Trial:

Let users try the full software for a limited time. This can be effective, but requiring a credit card upfront can reduce your potential user base.

One-Time Payment:

This upfront model yields quick returns but may be harder to justify than a recurring subscription, especially for ongoing services.

Tiered Subscriptions:

Offer basic, mid-tier, and premium plans at different price points (often with discounts for longer commitments). This is common for most SaaS products.

Seat-Based Pricing:

Charge per user, ideal for B2B and enterprise sales where multiple employees use the software.

Metered Billing:

Bill users based on actual usage (e.g., per image generated). This aligns pricing directly with customer value but can be less predictable.

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