Post Editing Form Use react-hook-forms to create a form to edit posts in markdown

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React Hook Form Package

command line
npm install react-hook-form

Check out the official docs

Post Editing Form

file_type_js_official pages/admin/slug.js
import styles from '../../styles/Admin.module.css';
import AuthCheck from '../../components/AuthCheck';
import { firestore, auth, serverTimestamp } from '../../lib/firebase';

import { useState } from 'react';
import { useRouter } from 'next/router';

import { useDocumentData } from 'react-firebase-hooks/firestore';
import { useForm } from 'react-hook-form';
import ReactMarkdown from 'react-markdown';
import Link from 'next/link';
import toast from 'react-hot-toast';

export default function AdminPostEdit(props) {
  return (
        <PostManager />

function PostManager() {
  const [preview, setPreview] = useState(false);

  const router = useRouter();
  const { slug } = router.query;

  const postRef = firestore.collection('users').doc(auth.currentUser.uid).collection('posts').doc(slug);
  const [post] = useDocumentData(postRef);

  return (
    <main className={styles.container}>
      {post && (
            <p>ID: {post.slug}</p>

            <PostForm postRef={postRef} defaultValues={post} preview={preview} />

            <button onClick={() => setPreview(!preview)}>{preview ? 'Edit' : 'Preview'}</button>
            <Link href={`/${post.username}/${post.slug}`}>
              <button className="btn-blue">Live view</button>

function PostForm({ defaultValues, postRef, preview }) {
  const { register, handleSubmit, reset, watch } = useForm({ defaultValues, mode: 'onChange' });

  const updatePost = async ({ content, published }) => {
    await postRef.update({
      updatedAt: serverTimestamp(),

    reset({ content, published });

    toast.success('Post updated successfully!')

  return (
    <form onSubmit={handleSubmit(updatePost)}>
      {preview && (
        <div className="card">

      <div className={preview ? styles.hidden : styles.controls}>
        <textarea name="content" ref={register}></textarea>

          <input className={styles.checkbox} name="published" type="checkbox" ref={register} />

        <button type="submit" className="btn-green">
          Save Changes


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