Hearts, Likes, Claps Create a many-to-many relationship where users can heart many posts

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Heart Button

file_type_js_official components/HeartButton.js
import { firestore, auth, increment } from '../lib/firebase';
import { useDocument } from 'react-firebase-hooks/firestore';

// Allows user to heart or like a post
export default function Heart({ postRef }) {
  // Listen to heart document for currently logged in user
  const heartRef = postRef.collection('hearts').doc(auth.currentUser.uid);
  const [heartDoc] = useDocument(heartRef);

  // Create a user-to-post relationship
  const addHeart = async () => {
    const uid = auth.currentUser.uid;
    const batch = firestore.batch();

    batch.update(postRef, { heartCount: increment(1) });
    batch.set(heartRef, { uid });

    await batch.commit();

  // Remove a user-to-post relationship
  const removeHeart = async () => {
    const batch = firestore.batch();

    batch.update(postRef, { heartCount: increment(-1) });

    await batch.commit();

  return heartDoc?.exists ? (
    <button onClick={removeHeart}>💔 Unheart</button>
  ) : (
    <button onClick={addHeart}>💗 Heart</button>

Usage in a Component

file_type_js_official pages/username/slug.js
import HeartButton from '../../components/HeartButton';
import AuthCheck from '../../components/AuthCheck';
import Link from 'next/link';

// ...

            <Link href="/enter">
              <button>💗 Sign Up</button>
          <HeartButton postRef={postRef} />


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