Firebase Setup Install and configure Firebase in a Next.js project

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Firebase Setup

command line
npm install firebase react-firebase-hooks

Firebase Lib

Export common Firebase SDKs and utilities.

file_type_js_official lib/firebase.js
import firebase from 'firebase/app'
import 'firebase/auth';
import 'firebase/firestore';
import 'firebase/storage';

const firebaseConfig = {
    // your config
if (!firebase.apps.length) {

export const auth = firebase.auth();
export const firestore = firebase.firestore();
export const storage =;

Update September 2021

If you are using Firebase Version 9 you may end up with this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'apps' of undefined

Option 1 Downgrade to firebase version 8, by running:

command line
npm install firebase@8.2.1

Option 2 Alternatively, if you wish to continue using firebase version 9, change your imports as follows:

file_type_js_official lib/firebase.js
import firebase from 'firebase/compat/app'
import 'firebase/compat/auth';
import 'firebase/compat/firestore';
import 'firebase/compat/storage';

Check out the Firebase Version 9 Migration guide for additional details on the new Firebase SDKs.

To see the fully updated v9 source code, check out the v9 branch on Github


Consider setting up the Firestore emulator to work with mock data on your local machine.

Firebase Emulator PRO Video


Ask questions via GitHub below OR chat on Slack #questions