🚀 Database Deployment

Setup your database for production deployment

Command to link to your production db (requires your DB password and your access token):

npx supabase link --project-ref=<ref in your supabase url> --password=<db password>

Link to create a new access token: https://app.supabase.com/account/tokens

Command to store your access token:

npx supabase login

Command to push your local migrations to production (requires DB password):

npx supabase db push

Command to generate new migration file on your local instance:

npx supabase migration new <migration name>

Command to check what migrations will be pushed before you push them (requires DB password):

npx supabase db push --dry-run

Create a migration script for updates we made directly to the post db (requires DB password):

npx supbase db remote commit

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