Quick Snippets

Cron Example Schedules

Examples of cron expressions for configuring time schedules and cronjobs.

#node #linux

How to Use Firestore Increment

Use the special Firestore Increment field value to increase or decrease numeric values atomically in the database.


Flutter Skeleton Text with Shimmer Animation

Build a Skeleton Text placeholder widget in Flutter with a looping shimmer animation.


How to Upgrade Angular Packages

How to upgrade to the latest packages in Angular


Lazy Loaded Routes Angular V8 with Ivy

Setup Lazy Loaded Routes in Angular 8 with Ivy and Dynamic Imports


Github Action deploying Angular App to Firebase Hosting

A step-by-step guide to create a Github Action to deploy your Angular App to Firebase Hosting.

#firebase #github #devops

Intersection Observer for Lazy-Loaded Images

Use IntersectionObserver to lazy load images without listening to scroll events.


Angular Universal SSR Cookbook

Common recipies and solutions for serverside rendering (SSR) with Angular Universal


Improving long relative paths import

Learn how to improve long relative import paths in a large Angular application.

#typescript #sass #angular

How to Participate on Github

A step-by-step guide to submitting your first Pull Request on Github. Practical tips and advice for git version control.


Javascript Iteration and Loops

Learn how Iteration and Loops Work in JavaScript


Flutter Firebase App Setup

How to setup and configure a new app with FlutterFire for Auth, Firestore, and Analytics

#dart #flutter #firebase

Flutter Google Maps Setup

Setup a Flutter app with Google Maps and GPS Location Tracking

#flutter #google-maps

JavaScript Destructuring Pro Tips

Use destructuring assignment in JavaScript to make your code concise and readable

#javascript #typescript

Firestore Security Rules Cookbook

Common Recipes for Firestore Security Rules

#firebase #firestore

Return an @angular/fire User as a Promise

How to return an AngularFire user as a promise

#angular #rxjs #firebase


RxJS switchMap operator practical examples


Install @angular/fire

How to install @angular/fire, aka AngularFire2

#angular #firebase

Install Angular

How to install Angular


Install NodeJS

How to Install NodeJS